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5 Dos of a Great Vehicle Wrap Design

Vehicle Templates DesignCar wraps are one of the most cost-effective forms of outdoor advertising. For a one-time investment, business owners can promote their brand and convey their message for up to 12 years. However, the Vehicle template design should be excellent for the advertisement to be successful. And, there are critical elements that designers like you need to consider such as colors, text and the artwork itself.

To create aesthetically pleasing to look at and effective marketing solutions, here are five tips on designing vehicle wrap graphics:

  1. Size up the job and take photos. Before you start designing, take accurate measurements of the vehicle and scale them accordingly in your software (Adobe Illustrator or other vector-based apps preferably). Use templates from the internet, but always take a second look before you plan on any customizations.
  2. Get to know your client and create a plan of action. To create a great design, research your client. Get to know their likes and dislikes. Talk to them about the designs, messages and colors they wish to see on their cars. Check out other designs in the marketplace that they may like and create your plan of action to implement them. Bring all necessary details together to make sure that you, your clients and your printer are on the same page.
  3. Use bold colors and bold designs. The main purpose of a cool car wraps is to catch attention. How will prospective customers notice your client’s vehicle on freeways if the design is too ordinary? So when you create a design, think big! Design larger than life graphics that people will see and never forget. With a canvas as large as a car, this is your opportunity to be bold.
  4. Make an important of your client’s brand and message. Unlike print design, a car wrap design has to be immediate. There is little time to capture the customers’ attention, so make the brand and message as short and as clear as possible. Remember that target audience may be drivers or passengers. On a freeway with a speed of 65 mph, it will be difficult to read a lot of text on a car. Only include important details such as contact information, brand message, company logo and tagline.
  5. Get a sign-off from your client before printing. When the car wrap design is complete, take the approval of your client before you go to your printer. No matter what deadline restraints you are dealing with, ask your client if the design is good to go. Printing before doing so will only cause you a lot of trouble.

When designing car wraps, take note of the above tips to ensure better results. Do not skip using bold colors, limiting the text, and keeping the design simple like https://www.signmakingsecrets.com/ explains. Create an overall background that is relevant to your client’s brand message and integrates to their products or services. Most of all, work with your clients. Get to know them and talk to them about your designs. Finally, ask for their approval before you go to your printer. By taking note of these important tips, you can create a successful and effective car wrap design.